Serengeti, Tanzania

Do I Need A Visa To Travel To Kenya

Kenya is a very popular destination for holiday makers from all over the world. This being such a popular country, there are so many tourist attractions which would definitely recommend visiting. However, among all these iconic places, there are few that stand out: Masai Mara national park.

It has an immense variety of wildlife, beautiful landscapes and stunning views. Apart, from the major cities such as Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kenya’s largest city, Nairobi, you will also find a lot of smaller towns.

Nairobi, Kenya

These places have a lot to offer to visitors and hence tourism here is booming at a fast pace. Some of the top tourism attractions in the area include Masai Mara Safari, Nairobi National park and Serengeti National Reserve.

A lot of hotels and other establishments in these towns also cater to tourists.

Many tourists also choose to spend their holiday in these towns and spend a few days enjoying a relaxing holiday. The major city in this region is Nairobi. Here you will find the busiest street market in the world, The Mall.

It is one of the most famous sights in Nairobi. It houses a number of stalls selling all kinds of products including clothes, jewellery, shoes, accessories and much more.

Is a visa necessary?

Another top tourism attraction in the area is the E-Visa to Kenya. So do I need a visa to travel to Kenya? This visa program has become very popular with tourists coming from countries like United Kingdom, Australia and United States.

The E-Visa to Kenya is designed for the tourists who are interested in exploring the cultural diversity of this African country.

These visas are also valid for visitors coming from the neighboring countries like Uganda and Tanzania. This program was actually introduced by the Kenyan government and it has gained popularity among tourists.

The Road to nowhere

The E-Visa to Kenya is a two stage process. First you apply for the visa and then once you get the visa you need to visit the Kenya authorities to process the visa. The Kenya authorities will collect all your information and send it to the Kenya visa offices for processing and once approved, the visa gets posted to your mailbox.

Within a day or two, you get the visa. which you can use to travel to Kenya. As you can see, E-Visa to Kenya offers great tourism opportunities and makes you easily available for spending your holiday in the country. You can explore the beautiful landscape, enjoy the beauty of its wildlife and get ready for a good time in the sun.

The E-Visa to Kenya is a perfect solution for a long-lasting holiday. You can spend your holiday in the best possible way and get enough time for doing what you want. There are a number of E-Visa to Kenya tour packages that you can avail for your stay in Kenya.


The e-visa is valid for 90 days from the date of acceptance and is 1 entry visa. In Kenya you can remain up for 90 days. In this 90 days once the e-visa is legitimate, you would like to enter and to leave Kenya.

kenya passport

The program will be processed around 3 working days. Please remember also you will have a valid passport to find the e-visa and to have the ability to go into the nation. The passport must be valid for your entire stay.

When you’ll have to visit Kenya, then you’ll need this e-visa. The electronic visa for Kenya is quite simple to get. You simply need to fill out the application form that you might discover online.